WLH TEX: Inditex Certified


WLH TEX has been a Inditex certified supplier of leather backing fabric, spandex fabric, polyester fabric, velvet fabric, mesh fabric etc.

August 25, 2023

Zhejiang Wanlihong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. recently achieved success in the factory audit conducted by the internationally renowned fashion brand Inditex, thereby becoming one of the trusted suppliers for the Inditex brand.

Inditex, a global leading fashion retail group, is renowned for its brands such as Zara, Pull & Bear, and Massimo Dutti. By obtaining Inditex factory certification, WLH TEX once again showcases its outstanding strength and excellent management in the field of textile technology.

The smooth passing of the Inditex factory audit not only signifies high recognition for WLH TEX’s management capabilities but also demonstrates full trust in its product quality, environmental responsibility, and social accountability. The key highlights of WLH TEX. successfully passing the Inditex factory audit are as follows:

Strict Product Quality Management: WLH TEX adheres to the principle of “quality first” and, through a comprehensive quality management system, ensures that every meter of textile produced meets Inditex’s high standards.

Environmental Responsibility: WLH TEX places emphasis on sustainable development and is dedicated to environmental conservation. The company’s production processes adhere to Inditex’s strict environmental standards, ensuring that textile production does not have adverse effects on the environment.

Social Responsibility: As a socially responsible company, WLH TEX focuses on employee welfare, providing a conducive work environment and competitive benefits. The company actively participates in community development and charitable activities, embodying corporate social responsibility.

Innovative Technology: WLH TEX is at the forefront of textile technology, continually innovating its processes to enhance the value of its products and meet Inditex’s demands for high-quality, innovative products.

We express sincere joy and pride in passing the Inditex factory audit. This recognition is a testament to the unwavering efforts and professional spirit of the WLH TEX team over the years, as well as an acknowledgment of the company’s overall strength. The company will continue to maintain high standards in production and management, providing customers with high-quality textile products.

In the future, various textile products manufactured by WLH TEX can be directly applied to the clothing production of Inditex’s brands. The leather-based series can be applied to artificial leather manufacturers that have also passed the Inditex factory audit, with their produced artificial leather directly applicable to the leather goods production of Inditex’s brands.

With the successful passage of the Inditex factory audit, WLH TEX further consolidates its market position, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development in the future.

About Inditex Factory Audit

  1. Inditex Factory Audit (ZARA Audit):

Inditex, commonly known as Zara, is the parent company of the Zara brand. Inditex primarily focuses on social responsibility audits, particularly examining aspects such as factory workers’ wages, working hours, health and safety, and fire safety. Inditex generally audits human rights and usually initiates audits based on customer requests. It’s important to note that ZARA factory audits are applicable only to factories, and trading companies are not eligible. If a trading company requires a ZARA audit, it should collaborate with its supplier factory and pay the associated fees.

  1. ZARA Factory Audit Review:
  • New factories undergo two audits, both of which must achieve a grade of B or higher to be eligible for Join Life orders.
  • Third-party organizations, randomly selected by the brand, conduct surprise audits with a two-week notice (Note: Factories that have already been audited usually only require an annual audit within the specified timeframe).
  • Initial pre-audit is necessary before scheduling the formal audit. For new factories collaborating with ZARA for the first time, there are two separate audits: a ZARA pre-audit and a formal audit by different auditing organizations. If the ZARA pre-audit fails, the factory is eliminated without proceeding to the formal audit. If the pre-audit is successful, the factory undergoes the ZARA formal audit within a specified window. Failure to pass the formal audit means ZARA orders will not be granted.
  • In China, obtaining a B grade is a standard, and B-grade clients can directly take Join Life orders.
  • Wet processing (dyeing, water washing, tanning, etc.) and production of green wearable products require GTW environmental assessment. This criterion applies to wet processing factories (dyeing, printing, synthetic leather, water washing, and leather factories) within the Inditex group and its supply chain. The correct selection of chemicals is crucial for compliance with Inditex’s sustainability policy.
  1. Inditex Factory Audit Results:
  • A grade: Re-audit within 24 months. If suspicions arise about the information during the first audit, a second review may be conducted immediately to check for any discrepancies.
  • B grade: Re-audit within 18 months.
  • C grade: Re-audit within 12 months.
  • D grade (non-compliant factories): Given an opportunity to improve. A re-audit is conducted six months later.

If a factory is non-compliant, it is not allowed for use. However, if improvements are made, a D-grade factory may be given another chance to rectify its status. If it fails again, it may be blacklisted.