Wanlihong won the honor of 2021 Haining City Integrity Demonstration Private Enterprise

2021 Haining City Integrity Demonstration Private Enterprise

We are proud to announce that, our company, Zhejiang Wanlihong Textile Technology Co., Ltd has been awarded the title of “Integrity Demonstration Private Enterprise”, which is a recognition and acknowledgement of the our commitment to integrity in business activities over the years.

Since we won the honor of “2020 Haining City Integrity Private Enterprise”, we gain bigger recognition from the Haining City people and government.

“Integrity Demonstration Private Enterprise” is a distinguished award selected by the Haining Municipal Government to promote the concept of business integrity, set an industry example and promote the healthy development of the Haining economy. The title is an acknowledgement and commendation of the integrity, credibility and social responsibility shown by the enterprise in the market competition. Being awarded this title not only proves Wanlihong Textile’s honest behavior and business ethics in the market competition, but also demonstrates the company’s positive image and social responsibility as a private enterprise.

Since its establishment, Wanlihong Textile has been upholding the business philosophy of honesty and integrity, focusing on building a good corporate reputation and brand image. Always focusing on customer satisfaction and quality, the company has won the trust and support of its customers by providing quality textile products and solutions through continuous improvement and innovation.

In the course of business operations, Wanlihong Textile always adheres to laws and regulations, operates in compliance and actively fulfils its social responsibilities. We have established a strict quality management system and supply chain management system to ensure that the quality and safety of our products meet the relevant standards and requirements. At the same time, Wanlihong Textile also focuses on staff welfare and career development, creating a fair, just and transparent corporate culture and working environment.

In recent years, Wanlihong Textile has made remarkable achievements in many fields. Our products are widely used in PU, PVC artificial leather, outdoor sports apparel, home textile, automotive interior, men’s and women’s apparel and other industries. At the same time, Wanlihong Textile actively responds to the call for sustainable development, continuously explores environmentally friendly textile materials and production processes, and is committed to promoting the green transformation of the textile industry.

Having been awarded the title of “Haining Integrity Private Enterprise” is a recognition of Wanlihong Textile’s efforts in honest management and a confirmation of the hard work and dedication of all our staff. In the future, Wanlihong Textile will continue to adhere to the integrity-based business principles, and constantly improve product quality and service levels in order to better meet customer needs and make greater contributions to the development of the textile industry.

2021 Haining City Integrity Demonstration Private Enterprise