Successful Badminton and Table Tennis Tournament Held in Xieqiao Town

Successful Badminton and Table Tennis Tournament Held in Xieqiao Town

Today, organized by the People’s Government of Xieqiao Town and co-organized by Zhejiang Wanlihong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Haining Mianshang Knitting Co., Ltd., the “Badminton and Table Tennis Tournament in Xieqiao Town” was successfully held at the Haining Sports Center, attracting numerous badminton and table tennis enthusiasts’ participation and attention. More than 100 athletes from 22 representative teams from various villages (communities), enterprises, and institutions across the town participated in the competition.

The badminton tournament featured men’s and women’s singles events, with over 50 players vying for the top. On the court, athletes displayed their skills with agility, swift movements, agile racket work, and shuttlecocks flying. Cheers and shouts from the audience filled the air, creating an extraordinary atmosphere.

Similarly, the table tennis tournament comprised men’s and women’s singles events, with over 50 players engaged in intense “ping pong” battles. Athletes were fully focused, exchanging offensive and defensive moves, including blocks, spins, and smashes, showcasing a variety of techniques. Spectacular scenes unfolded with diving smashes and dramatic saves.

After a day of fierce competition, the top eight players in men’s and women’s singles for both badminton and table tennis were determined. Our employee, He Dandan, achieved an excellent third place in the women’s singles category.

This tournament aims to promote nationwide sports and fitness activities, foster a healthy and positive living atmosphere, and has received extensive support and welcome from local residents. Zhejiang Wanlihong Textile Technology Co., Ltd., as a sponsor and co-organizer, demonstrated the company’s sense of social responsibility and support for local sports undertakings, making positive contributions to the development of badminton and table tennis in our town.

Through this competition, badminton and table tennis enthusiasts in Xieqiao Town have developed a deeper love for these sports and look forward to more similar sporting events in the future, allowing more people to participate and enjoy the happiness and health brought by sports.

Badminton men’s singles Top 8:Xu Quan (Qingyun Village), Chen Guorong (Yonghe Village), Ji Haolong (Guangming Villiage), Zhang Yanjia (Yonghe Villiage), Yu Haonan (Qingyun Village), Yao Danjie (Huangdun Village), Ling Xiaofeng (Government Team), Fu Hongtao (Government Team)

Badminton women’s singles Top 8:Mi Yuejiao (Qingyun Village), Ling Fang (Kasen Company), Ling Binyan (Huangdun Village), Shen Fangting (Huangdun Village), Zhou Yuping (Yonghe Village), Zhu Biying (Government Team), Xu Chenyu (Government Team), Weiyun (Lenong Village)

Table Tennis men’s singles Top 8:Xu Wenjie (Zhudong Village), Lu Yehui (Xieqiao Village), Zhu Guoming (Haining Switch Works Company), Han Kaidong (Haichen Construction Company), Wang Jinye (Sanlian Village), Wang Guoping (Sanlian Village), Xu Zhengyan (Zhudong Village), Zhou Donghai (Zhuchang Village)

Table Tennis women’s singles Top 8:Wu Huijin (Jinshi Village), Xing Haiying (Luzhong Village), He Danan (Wanlihong Company), Li Yuanying (Qinyun Village), Qiu Jianhong (Sanlian Village), Li Juanxian (Sanlian Village), Huang Yongjuan (Zhudong Village), Jin Caifeng (Kasen Company)