Haining Wanlihong Home For The Disabled Receives the Title of Outstanding Common Prosperity Workshop

Haining Wanlihong Home For The Disabled Receives the Title of Outstanding Common Prosperity Workshop

On the eve of the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Haining Wanlihong Home For The Disable joyfully earned the title of “Outstanding Common Prosperity Workshop” adding luster to its outstanding contributions in the field of social services.

The title of ” Outstanding Common Prosperity Workshop ” is awarded to institutions that, under the guidance of party building, have achieved outstanding results in practicing common prosperity and improving social integration. Haining Wanlihong Home For The Disable, with its unique model and care for disabled individuals, has successfully established a common prosperity workshop dedicated to developing skills and enhancing independent living abilities.

Through various handicraft productions and skills training, Haining Wanlihong Home For The Disable provides a platform for disabled individuals to showcase their talents. At the same time, this model also empowers them with more opportunities to integrate into society and lead independent lives. The home for the disable is not just a training base but also a warm family, allowing every participant to feel the warmth of home.

The recognition of Haining Wanlihong Home For The Disable as an ” Outstanding Common Prosperity Workshop” is not only an acknowledgment of our tireless efforts over the years but also an affirmation of our positive role in the community. We will continue to strive to provide more opportunities and support for disabled individuals, facilitating their better integration into social life.

The achievement of this honor will undoubtedly inspire Haining Wanlihong Home For The Disable to better fulfill its social responsibilities in the future, creating more opportunities for the disabled community and collectively building a more inclusive and warm social environment.

What is Common Prosperity Workshop

As a pioneering area for common prosperity, Zhejiang Province has deployed and implemented Party building to lead the development of “common prosperity workshop”. This initiative is an innovation in deepening and strengthening the integrated reform of rich villages and prosperous rural areas in Zhejiang Province. The development model involves the pairing and joint construction of Party organizations by villages (communities) and enterprises. Using rural Party and mass service facilities, idle buildings, and land, these workshops are established. By sending projects to villages, offering employment opportunities to households, and providing skills training to individuals, the initiative guides enterprises to strategically distribute suitable production and processing stages to rural areas.

This approach not only effectively absorbs surplus labor and provides employment opportunities for low-income rural households at their doorstep but also reduces the costs for enterprises in terms of labor and land, expanding the space for increasing value and efficiency in rural industries. It aims to promote the formation of a situation where “everyone has something to do, and every family has income,” ultimately realizing common prosperity.

As of now, Zhejiang Province has established over 3,700 ” Common Prosperity Workshop” creating employment for a cumulative total of 245,000 people, including 26,000 from low-income rural households.

The construction of ” Common Prosperity Workshop” is a significant initiative in Zhejiang Province’s high-quality development and the establishment of a demonstration area for common prosperity, recognized as one of the first batch of typical experiences by the National Development and Reform Commission.