Choosing environmentally friendly artificial leather for car interiors

Choosing environmentally friendly artificial leather for car interiors

While people are pursuing a high quality of life, their concern for health and safety awareness is also increasing. The concern for the aesthetics and functionality of car interiors is gradually decreasing, while there is a rising trend of attention to the comfort and environmental features of car interiors year by year.

Generally speaking, consumers’ requirements for automotive interior leather are mainly the following: 1. aesthetics and comfort: Whether the interior material is soft, comfortable to the touch, how glossy it is, whether the style and pattern are in harmony with the car’s interior design; 2. How strong the interior material is, whether it has resistance to ageing, and how wear-resistant, breathable and light-resistant it is; 3. How energy-consuming the interior material is and whether it is environmentally friendly; 4. Whether the interior materials are reusable and recycled.

Choosing environmentally friendly artificial leather for car interiors:

PVC-based synthetic leather

PU-based synthetic leather

Microfibre synthetic leather

The necessity of environmentally friendly artificial leather / synthetic leather applications

Since the implementation of the new environmental protection law, the concept of environmental protection in China’s society has been rising, and has gradually had an impact on all walks of life. However, many leather manufacturers have reduced their investment in environmental protection in order to save production costs, which is against the development concept of green production, energy saving and emission reduction, resulting in their elimination in the market competition. Therefore, in order to take a place in the fierce competition with the momentum of green environmental protection, synthetic leather enterprises must strictly implement the development concept of low carbon, green, environmental protection, take the route of sustainable development, to achieve the recycling of resources, so as to help the long-term development of enterprises.