Can Recycled Polyester Yarn Be Tested True?

Can recycled polyester yarn be tested true

Recycled polyester yarn can be authenticated through testing in TRUE or FAKE.

I. IPA Content Detection

IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol, chemical formula: C3H8O) is an auxiliary material used for PET bottles.

In the production of bottle-grade polyester chips, a certain amount of IPA is added to modify the polyester structure, thereby reducing the crystallinity of PET, hindering and reducing the growth of PET crystals during bottle production, so then increasing the transparency of PET bottles.

For fiber-grade polyester chips or polyester yarn, the situation is different: no IPA is added, and the IPA content is 0.

Today’s market for recycled polyester is mainly composed of post-consumer recycled yarn, which is made by cleaning, slicing, and re-spinning waste plastic bottles.

Recycled polyester should contain some IPA.

Therefore, by testing the IPA content in fabrics or yarn, it can be determined whether it is recycled yarn.

II. Tracer Detection

Some manufacturers will add a unique material that does not affect the performance of their recycled yarn, namely the manufacturer’s tracer, during their production process, to identify whether it is their own product.

This method only confirms the manufacturer and does not theoretically confirm recycled yarn.

We only believe that generally powerful manufacturers are more standardized in the production, storage, and transportation of recycled materials, in line with TE standards.

Our company produces recycled synthetic leather base fabric, recycled elastic fabric, and recycled velvet fabric. We purchase recycled raw materials from Hengli and Shenghong, providing globally recognized GRS certificates and TC certificates. If customers request, we can also provide reports issued by Hengli, Shenghong, or third-party testing agencies (SGS, BV, Intertek) for IPA testing. We also welcome customers to conduct their own testing.